Robots Are People Too, disc 2
Nothing but beautiful robotic nursery rhymes. Dream well, dream with skill.
68 minutes, 95 MB
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CPI - Robots Are People Too, disc 2
01. CPI - Lullabies For Machines
02. Console - Independencia
03. Populous - Stretch Abuse + Snare
04. Clickits - Audro
05. Jersey - Come To Me
06. Solvent - A Panel Of Experts
07. B. Fleischman - Sidonie
08. Christian Kleine - Today's Mark
09. Borko - Chloorvrij
10. Boards Of Canada - Turquoise Hexagon Sun
11. Micha Acher - Beeh
12. Modeselector - In Loving Memory
13. Boards Of Canada - Orange Romeda
14. Christian Kleine - Boon
15. Boards Of Canada - Happy Cycling
16. Seefeel - Time To Find Me (AFX Fast Mix)
17. Xela - Japanese Whispers
18. Autophonic - Outnumbered

ARTIST BIO: Stefan Thompson

Animals are expressive. I find that you can read their emotions clearer, even though weíre farther away from them. People are complicated, harder to read. Animals, dinosaurs and monsters are my main visual theme.

Painting for the last 7 years. Grew up in Ottawa. Was inspired by graffiti artists, started producing a lot. Did a degree in Environmental Science. Learned that painting is actually highly toxic to our environment. Now Iím striving to use less toxic materials. But still working strong. The more you give up the more opens up to you.

Today Iím a full time artist. Iím using up the last of my conventional materials very carefully and by June of this year I will have totally given up the use of any toxic paint pigments. I am also in contact with a company in North Carolina that is creating a non-toxic and sustainable artistís oil medium. Earth first.

If you have any questions about environmentally friendly painting or seeing more of my work please contact me at or visit my website: